Marlisa and João

Anna Stanton was recommended to us by family member. We met with Anna over Skype before we moved to Canada, to discuss our options. Right from the beginning Anna was very honest and approachable and explained our possibilities. She gave us plenty of time for questions (we had many!) and was always available and responded very quickly by email whenever needed. She explained all options thoroughly and made it clear that this was our decision every step of the way. Anna was always there with a positive and helpful attitude and we felt supported and happy with our decisions. Anna would always send us an email asking how we were and for us to not get frustrated. Anna was also very proactive and understands about new and upcoming policies available from CIC. We filed for an Open Work Permit while my common-law partner was waiting for his Permanent Residency and that allowed him to work, all because this was Anna´s recommendation and when the policy came out, we were already ahead of the game.
Our process was finally completed December 15th 2015. The government never requested any other documents besides the ones Anna requested to complete our process. I was questioned at times why we chose to use an Immigration Consultant instead of doing it ourselves, my answer was always to keep things simple and not worry about things being incomplete. With Anna, it was more than that. She was supportive, understanding, professional, relatable and we felt she supported us when we were frustrated and celebrated with us for every victory we had. I have since then recommended her services to other family members and would recommend them to anyone I meet with Immigration needs and questions. We have thanked her thoroughly and would not have done this any other way.