Skilled Immigration- Express Entry

Canada seeks the skills and experience of foreign skilled workers. Each year thousands of skilled foreign workers from all over the world choose to immigrate to Canada. There are various skilled worker programs and different eligibility criteria:

  • Federal skilled worker
  • Federal skilled trades
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Provincial Nominees program

All of these applications are being processed via Express Entry system.
Express Entry is an online immigration application selection system created by government of Canada to manage skilled immigration applications intake. 


Business Immigration

Canada is open for business and continuously searching for ways to promote growth, innovation and further economic development. Many new business and innovations have potential in building their future in Canada.

There are various federal and provincial business immigration pathways:

  • Start-up visa

  • Business visitor visa

  • Provincial Entrepreneur streams

  • Entrepreneur Work Permit


Family Immigration

Family Canada

One of the most important objectives of Canadian Immigration is a family reunification. Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada at least 18 years old may sponsor close family members to become Canadian permanent resident.

There are specific eligibility criteria that the sponsor and the sponsored family member have to meet.

  • Spouse, Common -law and conjugal partner sponsorship
  • Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship
Couple Canada