Study in Canada

Canadian universities rank among the best in the world, while Canada is rated one of the best countries in the world in which to live.
Studying in Canada may be a great opportunity for you to explore the beautiful diverse country, gain a strong academic knowledge and world-class education that will open doors for your future carrier.

Here are a few steps to help you learn more about the process.
Once you have chosen a place to study you will need to apply to that school, college or university. Keep in mind that every school has different rules.

You may apply at least six months in advance to primary and secondary schools. University and college students should apply a year before they want to start their studies.

You should contact the educational institution and learn how to apply, the tuition fees for your program, cost of health insurance, cost of rent and living, fees for the language tests etc and letter of acceptance.

Here are few resources to help you find out.

      AUCC – Choice of Canadian’s Universities
      CICIC – Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials
      CMEC – Studying in Canada